Our online directory is on DaCdb.

DaCdb is an acronym for District and Club database, but most of us just call it daK-dee-bee.  It allows you to update your personal record, review information about other members in your club, contact other members of your club by email and telephone, view or print a club directory for your personal use, and a variety of other functions.

To access DaCdb, use the direct URL address:

Then, click on the ROTARY link, and it takes you to the DaCdb log on screen.
When you get to the actual log-on screen, you will need your (1) email address, (2) password
1. User Name: email address
2. Password: ask your club secretary.

Navigation through DaCdb is accomplished by clicking on tabs/links at the top of the homepage.

My DATA tab.

From this tab you will be able to see all the information that has been entered for you. You can update and keep this information current with just a few keystrokes. From this screen you can find a member, view or print a club directory, edit your data, and change your password.

My CLUB tab.

The My CLUB tab also allows you to do a variety of functions including finding other Rotary members, get a list of other Rotary Clubs within in the district, find out where those clubs meet, and look at the district calendar.

FIND a Member sub-menu link:

To find a member, just fill in what information you know about the person you are looking for and then click the Search button.

A screen will display with your results. Click on the member’s name to email them or click on “View” to see more information about them.