What Rotary means to members of the club

Club member Jacob Neimeyer, owner of Baseline Media in Ozark, made this video with the thoughts of some members of Springfield Southeast Rotary Club.

Our Club


Southeast Rotary has 40 committees doing the work of Rotary both within the club and throughout our community.

For a list of this year's committee chairs, see the Leadership page.

For a list of committee descriptions, see the Manual of Procedures at the bottom of this page.

The Spokesman

The Spokesman is Springfield Southeast's weekly newsletter that includes the weekly meeting agenda, upcoming programs and events, and other announcements.  Members receive it as an attachment to their weekly emailed promotion for the upcoming meeting, which is usually sent on Monday.  Club Management, which provides Executive Secretary services, prepares The Spokesman.

An archive of past Spokesman is available on DaCdb. Once logged in, click on "Files." Then click "Club Bulletins."

Club Attendance Policy

In order to maintain good standing, members must maintain at least 50% attendance and cannot miss four or more meetings in a row. Members must attend at least 30% of their home Rotary club’s meetings in each six month period. Membership in the club may be terminated by a majority vote of the board if a member’s percentage of attendance is less than 50% during the first and second six months of the club’s fiscal year. Failure to comply with any of the above requirements may result in termination upon review by and approval by the board.

Our Club's Manual of Procedures